Yes We Take Donations!

Make Your Tax deductible Donation Here

Geelong West Giants is registered with the Australian Sports Foundation (ASF). ASF accepts tax deductible donations that are passed on to the Club as grants.

Donations can be made on line using the Donate button. and can be directed towards:

  • The Club’s Foundation – funds to be used at the Club’s discretion
  • West Oval Redevelopment – funds are dedicated to the redevelopment of West Oval
  • Reward and recognition – funds are dedicated to performance and participation awards for both players and non-playing members of the Club

Feeling mighty generous?

The tax deductibility of donations made through ASF reduces the overall cost to you. If you are feeling mighty generous, you can pass on the benefit of the tax deduction by topping up your donation. Use the ready reckoner at left to work out how to do this.

And the cost?

Donating through ASF comes at a small cost to the Club. ASF retains a small % of all donations received. While the charge is moderate, you can also top up your donation to cover the cost. Use the ready reckoner to work out how to do this.


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